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funnierinlatin's Journal

9 August
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The first thing you need to know about me is I have never gotten over my first love. We were never meant to be, I was a leo and he was a pises, I was a democrat he was a republican, I was a night person him a morning person, I preferred the city he preferred the country, I was 13 he was 65. Okay it was not a love but a crush that was surely not mutual. Yet I still search for that crazy, brilliant, civil war re-enactor. He must be out there waiting for me!

Actually what you really need to know is that I am sarcastic, strange, full for random knowledge, a great lover of a good book, and a terrible flirt. I can be fun, I can be a bitch, I can be catholic school girl for the right person.

I married speak_low at marry_a_ljuser

Fred and Lorne is Pylean Refugee Love.

Fred and Wesley is 'give it a chance' love ..1.. ..2.. ..3..

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